by Joy August 1st, 2016 0 comments

First of if you are not au fait with the term Augmented reality fear not. It is a relatively new term in the technology space, especially in an emerging market such as this one. The term Virtual reality is best understood through examples such as Video Gaming in 4D through wearable technology that is programmed to show a specified type of content; Virtual reality is quickly developing and many giants such as Google are betting big bucks on it. However, we see that after Google came up with the Google glasses that were prices at $1500 there was not much to show for it in terms of interest from even the most loyal Google community.


Augmented reality is slowly starting to pick up but before I go any further let me explain what it is. Again, I will use an example. I recently had about the Pokémon GO fever. It was a high impact trend across all social media sites upon its release. What augmented reality seeks to do is almost the polar opposite of Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality aims at blending images within applications with the actual reality. This would explain why Pokémon GO was such a big hit.

The novelty of the game is quite astonishing. The value proposition is more than any gamer could have anticipated because it’s free and has been considered to be so much fun that people are running into walls playing it. Candy crush adopted the same freemium model and made a hit with it. We will be talking about business models applied to apps that have worked in future posts, freemium being one of them.

This is one of the first games to utilise Augmented Reality in near perfection. The beauty of Augmented reality is that anyone can have the full experience with use of minimum devices; case in practice being Pokémon Go that is being played in the mobile phone which is the most popular device in the world. However with virtual reality the norm is that would usually have to wear huge glasses and headphones among other prescribed devices to reap the full benefits of a virtual reality experience in any space. Be it gaming or movies.

There are many issues that surround Virtual and Augmented reality and we will continue to explore them in this series. Stay tuned.