The importance of reading

There are many people that are puzzled at how fast the months have already flown by. The month of March is here with us sitting squarely. Most of us had already set the goals that we had for the year. Some were a new resolve to get things done and others were goals that we set to improve on what we were already doing. It is not rare to find that we have fallen off the band wagon of reaching these very goals that we were so fervent about when the year began.

Leading yourself 2017

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Believing in yourself and your abilitiesThis is your greatest gift to yourself. Henry Ford said that if you say you can or can’t either way you are right. Inner drive and passion will take a long way to achieving your dreams and ambitions. Dreams do not work unless you do. Everyday remind yourself who you would like to become and when you feel downcast write down 5 things that are great about you, then in that moment you will realise that everything that you need to reach your destination resides within you.

The 3 things no one told you about leadership.

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As we draw towards the end of what has been 2016, many start-ups have risen to great heights and some did not even pick off from the ground. There is an astounding buzz for entrepreneurship within the Kenyan youth and with each passing day there is a company being registered, someone is starting their own business somewhere. Among the hot topics for start-ups would be what it takes to win a good investor at the pitch and occasionally a conversation about networking will emerge.

The British Exit : Brexit

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Recently our twitter accounts were flooded with the Brexit hashtag. if this was a social media campaign it would have scored a rating of 11/10. However, itis not that simple.

Word of mouth marketing 3

As we conclude this series we would like to conclude with the delight strategy that will have all your customers shouting about your services and how splendid they are.

Word of Mouth Marketing Part 2

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Word of Mouth is essentially free. However, there are mechanics that have to be in place to ensure that you customers are willing to give referrals to others that mostly come in the form of word of mouth.The steps are as follows:

Word of Mouth Marketing

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Have you ever heard of the term WOM? Well, if you read the title by now you may have figured out what it stands for. When we read about this interesting phenomenon a lot comes to mind. It is generally free marketing. It is also arguably the best form of marketing. How many of us ask friends or family about what model of phone they think is best for us to buy? Or even a pair of shoes for the ladies. The truth is that if you ask a friend on which laptop brand will give you the best value for a brand you will most likely listen keenly to what they tell you.

How to Bring Out Your Best at Networking Events

Corporate gatherings, conferences, happy hours and cocktail parties are one of the few places you can kickstart a succesful business network. So how exactly do you do this? Here are a few tips on how to bring out your A game at networking events as you mingle through the crowds:

Unbelievable Tech Inventions: Bendable Smartphone (Part 4)

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Your smartphone can move mountains and literally help you do anything. Be it work related or just a simple past time to help you unwind after a long day, your phone will provide both your emails and entertainment with ease. So why would anyone think of making a bendable smartphone when a rigid one does everything you need and want?