Dawn of the Drones... the IFOs (Identified Flying Objects)

From the scary stories of UFO’s (unidentified flying objects) to the flying objects we now confidently call drones,  comes an era of technological advancements set to change the world. Noise pollution aside, the humming noise that will soon cloud our skies has benefits that will undoubtedly save the world.

Strictly business, the DO's and DON'T's of partnering up with friends.

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It’s so easy to think that the people who know you best and understand you as a person, will be the right people who will also learn and understand your business. It might be a good assumption, believing that they will be more open and understanding to the vision you have for your business idea. In fact, what’s the need for carrying out interviews when you know them in and out?!?!

Eleveyt…church finally comes to you.

A first of its kind, Eleveyt is the premier church application that connects you to your church, any time, anywhere, and with all the information you need. Eleveyt, a product of Henga Systems, is an app tailor-made for churches and customizable depending on what the church and its members need.

FunTask Organizer...add some fun to it!!!

It’s simple, it’s FUN! Probably not the most  conventional words used to describe that to-do list that keeps you on your toes. But with FunTask, that to-do list becomes a fun-to-do-list.  Designed to make things less stressful and, best of all, to get things done, FunTask application will help you organize your activities with sheer simplicity and utter fun.

Let’s talk money...with PesaManager.

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Ever had one of those days when you thought you had enough money, but when day ends, you wonder where it all went? Or when calculations keep racking your brain as you try to account for every shilling you have?

Let's Bing that

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It’s amazing how Google   has curved out its niche in the world. It’s no longer just a search engine, but literally part of how everything works, be it in technology, business or down to your personal life.


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Gone are the days when sitting at your favourite hang out was all about the food and the company you had, or taking a bus/matatu meant suffering through traffic while enjoying the scenic view of cars lined up bumper to bumper. The internet has changed all that and so much more! In this day and age, the absence of a Wi-Fi signal could ultimately mean living in the Stone Age.

Wahenga Walisema

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 We all want to be heard, we all want to speak our minds and above all we want those thoughts to make some kind of impact to someone . A thought shared could be the culmination of ideas that could ultimately change the world! So what better way to spread those ideas than Wahenga Walisema.


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 Say Hello to the new wave of entrepreneurs in Kenya Nope Tech Munch has very little to do with tech, don't be deceived by the name but it has a lot to do with promoting a culture of entrepreneurship and munching a lot of snacks, YUUUMMM. Tech  Munch is more than an opportunity to meet the Henga team and experience their awesomeness ;-). It is an initiative of Henga Systems to bring together young entrepreneurs and those aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

It's always harder than it looks...

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 ...that's usually the case when it comes to coding. Don't get me wrong, some things are pretty easy to do (well for us anyway hehe!) But you meet a client, agree on what needs to be done, and you HAVE done it before so you're feeling pretty confident right, then when you actually get down to doing it you realize...damn, should have charged more! When I started coding FunTask it was months after my friend Victor gave me the idea. I blame school work and general laziness for the gap between discussion and implementation.