by Joy April 26th, 2016 0 comments

Have you ever heard of the term WOM? Well, if you read the title by now you may have figured out what it stands for. When we read about this interesting phenomenon a lot comes to mind. It is generally free marketing. It is also arguably the best form of marketing. How many of us ask friends or family about what model of phone they think is best for us to buy? Or even a pair of shoes for the ladies. The truth is that if you ask a friend on which laptop brand will give you the best value for a brand you will most likely listen keenly to what they tell you. Therefore, if they were tell you that a certain brand is in the tendency of crashing easily or has issues with honoring the warranty agreement you will not even consider that brand in the purchase that you intend to make. References are the easiest way for any company to acquire clients and especially for start-ups that often experience budget constraints.

Therefore, what an organization needs to ask is; what role do they play in generating positive word of mouth. This blog will feature a three part series on word of mouth marketing techniques. In lieu of hard economic times traditional advertising is becoming an elusive method to market your products and services. Not only is it expensive, but consumers are now bombarded with an average of 5000 advertisements per day, therefore, the consumer has taken measures to ensure that their exposure to your TV ad or your telemarketing calls is minimal. Ad blocking software reigns the day and with caller ID apps, the consumer will just block your calls from coming in at all. However, there is no software to prevent your friend from continuously talking about how great the laundry detergent she has been using is and how amazing the new computer she just bought it. The price to pay for word of mouth is honoring your brand promise to your customer because they trust that the business will fulfill their needs and feel valued by the business that they transact with. Stay tuned.