by Joy May 26th, 2016 0 comments

As we conclude this series we would like to conclude with the delight strategy that will have all your customers shouting about your services and how splendid they are.

Let us take the case of a start-up that creates websites for its customers. For a customer to be satisfied what the organization needs to do is deliver the website on time based on the agreed terms and the website also needs to be delivered with the right specifications. It is guaranteed that if the website was created and the finished product had bugs and typos, the customer will be very disappointed and ultimately unsatisfied. It is good to ensure that the customer is satisfied. A satisfied customer will come back to solicit services when they need them again and they will occasionally throw in a good fro you when they come across someone else who is need of similar services. Satisfied customers are now becoming a norm in this extremely competitive world. You must be exceptional to succeed, and this means delighting customers.

There are certain hotels that are known to remember their returning customers by name; banks are now sending birthday wishes to those that bank with them. Retailers are rewarding their customers with loyalty programs that are redeemable for goods. Over the years, it has become paramount for all organisations to find a key differentiating factor in its industry. That is what will enable you to delight your customers. Therefore, in a website it is normal to deliver the product on time and in full but the moment you offer to update the website for free for 6 months, then you have given a strong value proposition to that customer.

We have all heard about Starbucks coffee yet not all of us have tasted it. That is the power of word of mouth. It has the power to make people desire to experience your product or service even before it reaches them. We must all strive for that.